This blog is about project which is classifying dog breed using several models using transfer learning. Here we go through following

  • Project Overview
  • Problem Statement
  • Metrics
  • Data Exploration
  • Visualization
  • Data Preprocessing steps
  • Implementation
  • Refinement
  • Results
  • Justification
  • Reflection
  • Future Improvements

Project overview

This project uses Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs). This project is built using a pipeline to process real-world, user-supplied images. Given an image of a dog, this algorithm will identify an estimate of the canine’s breed. If supplied an image of a human, the code will identify the resembling dog breed.

Problem Statement

This project is about building Image classification…

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Image for post
Photo by Karl Anderson on Unsplash

With this blog post we are going to build a model which can do two things. First it finds whether given image is of dog or human or none of them two and secondly it classifies breed of dog if it is a dog or resembling breed if it is human and if it is none of dog and human it predicts breed of unknown with a message that it is not human and dog.

Steps we are going to follow are

  • Importing Datasets
  • Program to Detect Humans and Dogs
  • Creating a CNN to Classify Dog Breeds
  • Using a CNN…

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Image for post
Photo by Nicole King on Unsplash

This post is analysis of Airbnb data listings of Asheville, North Carolina, United States. City which is full of fun, adventure.

You can go for a trek to those magnificent mountains or stay in luxurious rooms and enjoy world class cuisines or play some sports or go to a walk and experience nature to its best.

Jaya Prakash

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